New Baby Sloth Born At Local Florida Zoo

New Baby Sloth Born At Local Florida Zoo

Baby Sloth Born at a local Florida Zoo.  A newborn baby is a great joy to everyone.  But to us, sloth lovers, watching a baby sloth can simply make our day.


New Baby Sloth Born At Florida Zoo

With this past spring came the time to renew and babies at this guys zoo are being born. Yes! One guy owns this zoo.  Not a big corporation or a large business, just one man who took it upon himself and the love for his family to re-vamp this old zoo.

In the latter part of 2017, the DeRidder family took on this challenge and moved to Crestview and “They bought a zoo!” The Crestview Animal Refuge to be exact. According to their website ” They are committed to making the zoo an amazing experience for all who come ” – source:

If you are a person who likes sloths as much as I do, you will enjoy their Pet a Sloth program.  This is where you can spend time with a sloth.  Feeding sloths and petting them is part of this program.  Bring your camera for some great memories.

Baby Sloth Being Petted - Baby Sloth Pictures - Pictures of Baby Sloths
Baby Sloth Being Petted – Image Source:

They have an array of animals at this zoo.  Animals like Watusis which are one of the biggest animals with horns in the world.  And a new baby watusi is on its way.  The Kangaroo is also expecting a baby roo.  And don’t forget the sloths, there will be cute baby sloths slowly crawling around the place as well.

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What is a baby sloth called?

Baby Sloth Pictures - Pictures of Baby Sloths
Unlike some animals, baby sloth does not have a special name and are simply called baby sloth. Sloths give birth to their young in the forest canopy. A female sloth screams to signal the male sloth that she is ready to mate.

I took a look at their listing at and nothing but good words and reviews were posted about this zoo.  At the time of this post, they have a 4.5-star rating.  The main theme seems to be that they have created a child-friendly atmosphere were kids and everyone can come together and enjoy the experience in the zoo.

On our way for 2nd visit to this wonderful zoo that is child friendly.” Source: Tripadvisor

So if you can make your way to Crestview, Florida, make sure to stop at this unique zoo.  Call (850) 682-3949 for more information and reservations.

Cute Baby Sloth Video You Will Enjoy

Since we can never have enough baby sloths here is a very cute baby sloth video that you will enjoy.  Funny Sloth, Adorable Sloth, and Cute Baby Sloth Video Compilations. Funny sounds they make plenty of and do what they do best… be a cute sloth baby.

Yawning Cute Baby Sloth Vide
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